Thursday, March 17, 2011

Saying Good Bye to a school of children...we love....

today we said good bye to a school full of children that we have been helping with many was sad and fun..a day of mixed emotions...they thanked us by doing a few performances..dances, songs and skits.....we gave them food, material things-books, school supplies, hats, beanie babies, clothing , chickens, a garden a working kitchen...and most of all we gave them HOPE.....we took pictures of each class with their teacher...many had never even seen their own picture..even the teachers followed us around for photos...i gave each of them their own picture and then made doubles so that they could have a school photo album......they loved it! the teachers cheered to have been given money and gifts and school supplies....such beautiful people..we made many new friends

then later today,,,we went for tea at karen blixen tea garden....where they shot the "out of africa movie"

we went here today as well...saw them make kazuri beads..and then went in the most amazing store where they sell them

tomorrow we are going to the masai market....

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